Boutique ElectricsDo you have an Electrical problem, do you feel unsafe?

This is natural reaction to Electricity. It is invisible, deadly and without warning. Not to mention the financial costs if you are wasteful with it!

At Boutique Electrics, you will find skilled and concerned tradesmen who take pride in their work. Doing their best to give you quality repairs and installations as well as definitive solutions and answers to your electrical problems.

We treat your home as we would our own and with attention to method at every step of the task; so you get exceptional work at the cheapest price for a quality job. No Call Out fee and rates depending on Low, Standard and High Priority servicing.

All gear we use, is of a quality equal to or higher than you would get at your local hardware store. If you want it done right and with heart, call us now on 0418 684 579

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our work”Gold Coast Brisbane Electrician

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Lead Electrician / Manager

Boutique Electrics

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