Very common FAQ’s


  1.  What can i do to reduce my Electricity bills and by how much?
  2. You don’t know which appliances consume the most power and want it explained to you in easy to understand English?
  3. What pitfalls should i watch out for when trying to reduce my Energy consumption?
  4. Do you have continuous rate metering or time of use metering? Are you unsure?
  5. Have you had a smart meter added to your house without you knowing?
  6. Have your bills gone up by more than 50%, why?
  7. Are LED Lights worth the cost of installation?
  8. How long until they pay themselves off?
  9. How long should my new LED lights last for and do they require maintenance?
  10. Why can’t I reset my (RCD) Safety Switch?
  11. Does my (RCD) Safety Switch need to be tested regularly?
  12. Why do i feel a tingle when i touch the sink or shower taps?
  13. Why does my Smoke Detector keep beeping?
  14. Is my Smoke Detector Legal, Tested and functioning properly?
  15. What are the best Hot Water System for my situation and budget?
  16. How can i directly reduce my HWS heating costs



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