Here at Boutique Electrics, we value our customers. So we proudly place the testimonials sent through from them for you to read. If you are client of Boutique Electrics and would like to give us a testimonial for our website, feel free to use the form below.


Shock? I could feel a tingling when standing in the shower and touching the taps. I was quite worried and so I called Boutique Electrics. After a couple hours Pel had the problem fixed. He then installed a power point on the outside of the house. To my surprise he also went through the entire switchboard and neatened the whole thing up and upgraded my Earthing system. He helped me understand how it all worked and things to keep an eye on.
But the best part is that I asked him to look at my oven and he fixed it on the spot saving me buying a brand new one. After all that he called the Energex Inspectors to make sure their power was working correctly. The guy went above and beyond and I highly recommend his services.”
Mike, Southport, QLD


I needed some ceiling fans installed downstairs at my townhouse, as Air conditioning affects me badly. I got Pel from Boutique Electrics to come and put a couple in after chatting with him at our complex pool. He seemed like a nice enough guy.


The work he did was top notch, the fans were smooth running and quiet, the fans, ceiling and floors were swept and cleaned and he took the time to make sure everything was as it should be before he left. I had a couple of light switches that we semi-broken….he insisted on fixing them (for free) before he left. I was so happy with the service and his attitude I gave him a good tip.He even called a week later just to see if I was happy with the work.”
Sean, Labrador, QLD


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